Why do I get the impression and do stupid things?

I am a 14 yr old boy (white) and do the most retarted, dumbest and dodgy things.
(especially on 4th of July)
Why do I feel resembling my mind is whacko and that I am constantly looking for something to break or steal? Its like an overpowering urge that literally kill me if not smug.
And NO, I don't do drugs. I wanna change my brain formerly I become an adult so that I will not be a felon. Is in attendance a cure for this or am I just screwed for existence?
("Hey at least I am doing something nearly my retarted self")

well it is pretty much you are a kid. simple as that. your brain is not fully developed untill the age of 25 so you will move about through this phase for a while. but eventually you will grow out of them. and since you seem to want to adaptation i am sure you will turn out fine when your brain is fully matured and you are an adult.
your infantile and human u will be okay

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