Am i gonna grow anymore?

hey im18 years old and im short im 5'3. i wanna know if im gonna grow anymore because thats basically 2 short!.. and my brother is 16 and he's already 5'7!....i wanna know if theirs anything i can do to start growing.

Don't listen to that Howie. What a mean B****! I'm pissed sour. Anyway, you will grow until you're 20. You just hold to walk elevated and CONFIDENT! Look at Michael J. Fox. You're too young to know how funny he be in his sitcom, and not a soul even noticed his increase because his personality and charm took over. And Danny DeVito is hysterical, and no one even notice his height any. You'll find a nice lady that'll love you for you! Kids are show, so some may have be mean to you even contained by high institution. But now you're an full-grown. I hope you're going to college. People will not look at how tall you are immediately. They will look at if you're kind, and considerate, and fun to be around. Hopefully you own a goal surrounded by mind. Figure out what you want to make of your vivacity. Make it a good one. Think of adjectives the people that are means of access worse off than you!! People who are paralyzed, or sick, or homeless. You're going to be only just fine. Good luck to you, my friend.
No. Look on the bright side, though... you can always look forward to your ears getting bigger and your pack shrinking.
You will continue to grow until you are surrounded by your 30's.
You should put on 2 or 3 more inches. Work out and get muscle and your elevation wont matter. Just dont work out your legs too much, it will stunt your growth. And dont smoke.
hey, economically im 15 and im 4'7.. : (
im done growing,

the best way to find out is to move about to the doc, and if you ask him he will give you an xray which will later determine if you will grow more or not.

Dont worry so much almost your height hun.


Wow, that sucks for you. I tight, you're so close to midget status that it might even be advisable to cut an inch or two so that you can get disability money from the command. Son, 18 and 5'2, you have to obverse some tremendous odds to overcome that. Man, that's what population mean when they influence adversity. Good luck to you...

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