Anyone from AZ know - Does the extreme summer temperature and dryness, wreak consignment gain or bulk loss?

Someone at work said you could sweat 10 pounds a day -
have anyone heard of these types of things?
Is in that something factual to this or is it bunk?

lmao sweat 10 pounds a morning.? are you out in the sun 24/7?? you can die rotten dehydration and sun damage... powerfully to your question i believe your coworker lied to you... i live within az too... the temp can do none or slight changes to your weightiness. unless you are jogging contained by the heat and excersing profusely...
To use your term, this is "bunk." You can sweat abundantly each sunshine but other than minimally boosting the counterbalance you lose from water cargo, it won't affect your overall health. But, you do necessitate to be careful when exercising outside because AZ is so dry you don't realize how much hose down you really are losing--keep water near you at all times.
When I be younger and much more physically active, I could loose a substantial amount of substance in s short interval of time... and alot of it was sweating surrounded by the heat. Now that I'm elder and my metabolism has slowed down [way down] the individual thing sweating surrounded by the heat does for me is tender me a whopping headache. I think for most inhabitants the summer represents weight loss because they're out doing more. And they want to look appropriate in smaller amount clothing. And the great garden foods are everywhere... instead of the winter comfort foods, like mac and cheese. It probably should be said that those w/o nouns conditioning loose weight simply out of sheer misery.

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