Any nurses out there? How do I document a cardiac murmur?? Or maybe whats a good website to help me!?

All cardiac murmurs can be graded as follows
Grade I (one) to grade VI (six) all it means is the intensity (loudness) of the murmur, the higher the number (six) the louder the sound, mos often it will take a cardiologyst (heart specialist) to recognize a grade I or II murmur, then you go into more detailed definition Systolic (during contraction) or Diastolic (during Relaxation) and even furher does it happen during the whole contraction (holosystolic) or only in part of it, where it is best heard and if any manuvers increase the sound or decrease it (vagal manuvers etc) it gets complicated, usually for practical purposes it is usually documented as a Grade xx systolic ejection murmur and leave the rest for the cardiologyst (or intern)
hope this helps
good resource and not too heady

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