44woman,husband56,is it honest time to hold child?

For me at this age,i really dont want,but he thinks child will bring him elation,what should i do?

I don't think 44 is too antiquated to have a child at adjectives. But your husband at 56 should consider that you may be left alone to bump up this child to adulthood. However, if you are both on top form and feel you can feel it, go for it. There are lots families beside older parents today.
Most importantly you BOTH have to want this.
Maybe expect about adoption, own children at latter ages can be difficult and dangerous for both mother and child.
Let him own the child.

Personally I think it's too in arrears..adopt.
You do have a higer risk of birth defect, but most important is that YOU DONT WANT TO!

You can other adopt a child or two or more. There are many chilldren waiting for homes.
adopt a child its too unpaid to have one at ur age
You should not enjoy a child unless you know YOU want a child. If you concern is just give or take a few your age, don't let age grasp in the road of your happiness. A friend of mine a short time ago delivered a clean baby at age 42.

At you age you will be a greater risk pregnancy, but you've got option. Don't be afraid to consult your doctor on this! He/she can evaluate and tell you how your body will button it. After you talk to your doctor if you wish not to try a pregnancy, you and your husband can try fostering children. That can bring as much happiness as have your own, just contained by a different way. Or you can even adopt if you and your husband chose.

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