A Question About Massages and DIY?

I was a short time ago wondering, is there an actual proven reason why if you polish yourself it feels nowhere close by as good as when someone is doing it for you?

Because you're not totally relaxed. It;s resembling you have to controll your moves and infer about what you're gonna do subsequent. Also, it's the lack of the surprise. You know what you'll do, so you're not as sensitive plenty to feel it approaching you do when someone else does it.

Scientifical enough? :)
frozen to relax, if your doing the work
because your not totally relaxed. in lay down to enjoy a wipe you have to a short time ago be totally relaxed and almost like your prepared to go to sleep.
Because you're doing yourself and it's much more exciting watching someone else do you. It's not that difficult to amount out.
don't listen to science anways..its common sense that have someone do soemthing nice for u is better than doing it yourself.

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