What happen to me?

Last night I be eating dinner next to my bf (at my house) and my body temp. quickly rose and my bf said I be burning up. So i took my jacket off to I don`t know help a touch. I then become extremly worn out feeling. After I ate some more food because I be shaking quite a bit my bf help me to lay down. Then my heart rate went up and I started to breathe awfully fast and heavily. After lying down and have some water I stopped breathing so nippy and my heart rate went posterior to normal. I am still immediately very worn out. I dont know if it have anything to do with this, but I am anemic.
I'm wondering what happen because this scared me a great deal and scared my bf abundantly too.

Answers:    Maybe this have to do with sugar smooth, or you could be dehydrated. becasue it seem like after you have some water you begin to feel better. So drink plenty of wet, and rest up .If this continues I think you should see a doctor, because it probaly have to do with your sugar even
Hope this helps
This grill should be taken to your doctor. You should find out what happened to you.

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