Anyone get photosensitive sneezing?

A friend of mine has 'photosensitive sneezing' designation she sneezes whenever she goes outside when its sunny something around her brain closing her eyes or something. she doesn't know much about it. how adjectives is this? and why does it happen?

This is the photic sneeze reflex (aka sun sneezing, photogenic sneezing or, whimsically, ACHOO reflex.) It occur in 17 to 25% of humans, is more adjectives in Caucasians than other race and is genetically passed on.

The probable cause is a congenital hiccup in effrontery signals in the trigeminal boldness nucleus. The fifth cranial nerve, call the trigeminal nerve, is apparently responsible for sneezes. Research suggests that some associates have an association between this audacity and the nerve that transmits optical impulses to the brain. Overstimulation of the optic guts triggers the trigeminal nerve, and this cause the photic sneeze reflex.
Yes! Finally! Someone else who understands that the sun can brand you sneeze!! Everyone around me calls me a freak when I share them the sun makes me sneeze. I thought I be the only one.

I hold no clue why it happens. It basically always does when I first step into the bright sun after one inside a while. The brightness makes me squint, later I sneeze.
no, what I do have, or THINK I own is that when I feel a sneeze coming but it is sort of stuck, I look into a lightbulb or any other bright shiny intent and I sneeze. It has to do near the nerves carrying the light signal to your brain crossing the nerves that get the sneeze signal to your brain very closely.
Oh! I thought that be just me! I didn't realise it be a recognised thing! Thanks!
I hold it too!
I also thought that I was purely odd...
I'm approaching your friend. I sometimes sneeze when I look at a bright light. I've copied within a couple links below with a moment or two bit of info. It's not extremely helpful info, but at least possible your friend may find it interesting.
I do, but its only next to concentrated light, close to that from a lamp.
While I don't suffer from it, a respectable friend of mine (Reader within University) used to say he could induce sneezing (on himeself) looking at the Sun. So nearby.
my boyfriend ALWAYS sneezes when he see the sun. it's very funny really!

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