35 Years and I'm on Day #2 of no Smoking?

This morning was the first morning within quite some time I hold woke up without coughing up a partly gallon of mucus. Waiting for my morning nectar of the Gods with a smoke be bizarre.

I'm finding that I miss the habit and to some scope the taste more than the chemical (mybe grounds I'm wearing a patch.

If I had a smoke immediately would I have spoilt?

yes. i am on day 4 of quitting smoking. i haven't have a smoke since friday. i am using chantix though and not a patch. if you have a smoke you will hold failed. i miss it too. not the cigarette itself basically the action of it, i guess. especially next to coffee in the morning.
i would recommend switching to tea. they speak to even use a different coffee cup.
anyway, don't do it. you will feel much better contained by the long run if you don't. and i will too!
Dont give up!
Do not confer in to bribery ... you are stronger than this . you will see obstacles on your method but and you might find it hard to stop ... but don't grant in ... adjectives your problems will go away soon . I have the same problem I stopped smoking for give or take a few a year now .. Patience is the switch my friend ... Patience is the key ...
Recent research tell us that nicotine is more addictive than CRACK for God's sake.

If you've been smoking for 35 years, you hold great courage to try to quit. I am sending you BIG best wishes and good thoughts.

And no, if you hold a smoke now, you will not hold "failed" but it'll just be paid it all the harder to quit "again."

You can do it.
It's not over by far. I used the patch to quit and I hold not smoked in almost nine months. My longest time ever. You haven't even contemplated bloodshed someone yet.
Stick it out. It's not straightforward especially when you ween yourself completely.
Yes, you would have spoilt on this attempt.

However quitting smoking is not easy. It took me a few attempts to do it for suitable. Now I can't stand the smell of cigarettes.

If you do fail this attempt, don't draw from discouraged and try again. With willpower you can do it.
I quit on February 18th of this year. The thing that help me most was finding something fun to do that take two hands. If I'm using both hand to do something I enjoy I can't hold a cigarette.

I started doing crochet, embroidery, quilting, and jewelry making. If you aren't into those things you could try whittle, painting, or making models.

The trick is to find something you can really find into. And don't worry if you smoke immediately and then. As long as you resolve to maintain trying you'll be fine.

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