Acid indigestion?

Last night I have a bowl of cereal with milk beforehand I went to bed. I woke up a few hours subsequently and regurgitated some food that burned a little, but I didn't vomit. I'm a short time lactose intolerant but usually having a bowl of cereal doesn't explanation any problems for me. Is this acid indigestion? Should I pinch an antacid for it? If so, what's the best antacid to take?

I own a similar problem and have found a logical solution contained by homeopathic medicine. Licorice extract or papaya enzyme (both contained by chewable pill form) have be good, intuitive antacids that don't cost much at your local health food store, pure grocery store, or co-op. There are also long-term natural medication for lactose-induced heartburn and acid indigestion that you could research online or via the stores you would find these products at. Hope this help!

PS: Prescription medicines and over-the-counter medication seldomly provide the relief you want for something approaching this.
Sounds like thats what you experienced. Try something resembling pepcid. Store brands work as well as brand name. Follow directions for dosage.
You might have sharp reflux. Try an over-the-counter drug such as Nexium. If that doesn't help, pop in your physician, so you can be prescribed an "industrial strength" acid reflux medication.

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