Anybody else get a numb bumb ?

Yesssss! I so need to acquire off my stagnant *** and do something.
I'll go for a run NOW.
If i still keep hold of answering questions surrounded by half an hour i forgot in the order of this question openly...
Mine`s gone to sleep!...Hang on... it just snored!
YES he lives subsequent door
I have a numb bum
Yes, it's call Yahooansweritis!
YES! I have be sat on my damm backside adjectives day and i disgust it! Its so wierd for me!
Work experience! An hour 1/2 there. Sat down adjectives day on an extremely self-conscious chair. an hour and a partially back. afterwards had to sit down again to devour. and now im bein stupid and sitting at a computer.
Rant over very soon...
nope ! but ive got pins & needles within my foot from crossing my legs
he lives in his vehicle.
yep ow i REALLY need to catch off this =[
i get a numb bum, and my ribs r killing also.I'm gonna craft a coffee and wake it up.
I get one from ebay the other day.

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