Any one w/ medical experience please?

so i went 2 the doctor 2day 4 a physical so i could play sports this coming skool year. so i weigh 117lbs. two years ago when i had my physical i weigh 129lbs. however the 1st year between the physicals i went from summer basketball to volleyball later basketball then to softball afterwards summer basketball again. so since i lost 12lbs and wasnt trying 2, i have 2 get hold of blood drawn to test 4 thyroid condition. WHAT DO YOU THINK SHOULD I REALLY HAVE BLOOD DRAWN OR I SHOULDNT. illustrious school sports are extraordinarily intense w/ conditioning w/ going from sport 2 sport like that i most likley did lose substance. JUST LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK PLEASE.

You dont have to, i hold the same problem and i go to go check out for thyroid problems to, but you hold to check all the symptoms first and if you dont hav adjectives the symptoms, then you dont involve it. I didnt have any problems.
Go to the website and scroll down to adjectives symptoms and signs of hyperthyroidism
It is always best to be safe and sound.
If otherwise you are fine, why you want to get thistest? Did anybody (doctor) advise it? I think you lost extra freight, due to increase physical activity.
Very difficult to say-so without knowing more in the region of you. It isn't at all unusual for populace to gain and lose weight over the term of a year, especially when they're active. I enjoy the impression that you are a juvenile. And losing 12 pounds is nothing to truely be concerned over. I suspect conceivably there's more to this, and that is why your Dr. desires to do the thyroid test. Good luck.
It is a precaution and near is no harm taking the blood check.

Intense sports can effect you hormones, you may wish to oral exam more than the thyroid just to fashion sure you are not over doing it.
Since you appear to be a girl, I'll give you my best answer relating to girls. They tend to be more predictable to become anorexic. I'm not saying YOU are, but when a doctor see this kind of counterweight loss, they might suspect it. My daughter is a classic case. She have always be very gaunt. The first time I took her to my doctor instead of the pediatrician, they did a BMP and CBC. I'm sure they were looking at her electrolytes to build sure she wasn't bulimic. Also, When a sportygirl loses too much body fat, it can mess up the endocrine system and you may call a halt to have your menstral cycle. I for one expect it's a wonderful idea to own your bloodwork done. It can tell so much. Good luck and stay robust.
Were you over weight or still when you started to play sports? It is not normal for a fine, active childlike person to lose so much counterweight unless they are really dieting or something is going on. Have the blood test - it really isn't rough - just a pinch! I know - I enjoy had plenty of them & the needles are really shrunken.
Better be safe than sorry. Good luck!

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