Height issues...or insufficiency thereof?

My best friend is short. Seriously. He's going to be a freshman, but he hasn't yet hit five foot. I'm kind of worried more or less him. Is there anything he can do to grow taller, besides the rack?

Tell him not to verbs. I've had friends who be much smaller than me throughout high conservatory but during college they shot up and that actually changed their demeanor.
in actual fact some research has shown that shock psychiatric therapy focused on the pituitary gland can increase growth, but its risky. an easier solution is to sleep hanging upside down from your foot, but make sure to stretch your arms somehow too otherwise that could grasp more than a little abnormal.

oh and watch out for losing consciousness from baggy upside down too long, it happens,
What's to verbs about? Some are short, some are high-ceilinged, etc, etc. Yea there are products that peddle that they make you grow taller. My son is just 2 years old and general public are already suggesting that I check into them. What's the implication? That there's something wrong near the way God made him. It really get on my nerves. People have be born short for as long as people own been man born. Sometimes we have to stand on a bench to reach something.wow that's a actual handicap! (lol) Differences in rise are no different from any other variation surrounded by appearance. In this day and age, no sane personality would say you're genetically inferior if you're skin color is dimness. Why don't you just try to build up your friends self-esteem by accepting him the route he is.
Yes. Tell him that appearances fade with time, but the PERSON he become will last forever.

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