About Neurosurgeons and their lessons?!?

How much did they study? how many years?! (from the instigation till they got their unbeatable degree).


They start with a 4 year undergrad point, then 4 years of medical conservatory, then (most are now) 6-7 years of residency...and next...additional fellowship of 6-12 months if they want to sub specialize.

And...if they want to be board certified -- - there are ongoing artistic requirements after that.
Guess who's back?
i contemplate like 6 or 7 years... im not sure tho

20 years or so to procure a BS in Science (premed)

afterwards med school , I don`t know 4 more years

then some training as a surgeon I suggest, maybe 3 more

so 27
In my country a neurosurgeon have to finish the med school ( 6 years) and after that , the residency ( 9 years). later he can sit the exam to become a specialist in neurosurgery. After a interval of 4 years (i think) he sits the exam to become a primar doctor.

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