Any Good Household Laxatives?

I need to verbs out my does anybody know any common foods or anything that will aid me?

Prunes! I found a bag of them surrounded by my cupboard one day and snacked on them. Within hours I be pooping water! I be completely cleaned out by the end of the time.
prunes they say work every time
coffee and a cereal hotel with cellulose
Papaya is good too. You can also use epsom saline.
8 ozs of warm hose (honest it does work), apples (the skin is what stimulates the system) most fruit will help except bananas they won't work. Also chocolate is a inbred laxative that will work too.
To save yourself getting awful awful cramps, you can shift to the supermarket and buy fruit-based laxatives that don't damage your stomach or stomach inside layer. They come in tablet form, and it's abundantly safer to take because you know what you're getting yourself into (if you read the packet!).

If you really don't want this route, you can always trust any dried fruit contained by big quantities - apricots, figs, date, prunes etc etc. Fresh fruit works too but not as well as it's far smaller amount concentrated.
Cabage is good but give you gas. Prunes are good too. Lots of veggies especially ones near lots of fibre.
Any fruits fresh or dry...they hold tons of fiber i.e. apples, grapes, dates, cherries (dark colors). Vegetables serve the boo-boo slide out easily. Stay away from cheeses, they clog up the digestive system. Also green tea works wonders. It is weakly caffinated which is a boul stimulant and it is proven fact that heat beverages aid in the digestion process. This why other cultures (asian) drink teas beside all ther meal. Hope this helps. I approaching to stay regular myself
Prunes or cherries.

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