Anybody broke the smoking order even so ?

I work in a pub - it be after kick out - it be pissing it down outside while I was waiting for my hackney carriage and my manager lit up first. Feeling totally sound in my engagements!

:) Lx
I don't smoke.
What smoking ban?
I did at Wembley Stadium within the loos as the concert was hours long and they dont consent to you out!
Nope because i dont smoke ;p

And if you have tut tut!
yes sit in my OWN bureau on my OWN, smoking..Oh quick ring the police
To my knowledge, it's person openly defy in Austin, Texas and contained by Hawaii.
Yes I forgot smoked in the communal nouns as I live in a flat, bad naughty me.
Sort of. There's some no smoking signs within the town centre but the definition of an roofed space could be blown apart. I was disappointed I wasn't stopped. It would hold been fun because I'm in a state enough to pass a copy of the Smoking Regulations Statutory Instrument document around with me.
Yeah I enjoy, apparnetly it only applies to places near more than 3 walls.
I work on a building site, and the wall isnt finished yet! so i lit up :)

aaaaahhh nouns.
I beat the refusal by quitting 14 days before it started. I haven't have a smoke for 17 days now and I smoked for almost 30 years and I discern great.
there used to be cigarettes that used to look approaching real ones but made out of plastic, everybody should buy one and undulation them about contained by the pubs so the namby pamby smoke police won't know whether they are coming or going.

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