Anyone have a mole removed by adjectives? plz answer!?

hey i was a moment ago wondering if any1 had a mole removed from their facade by cutting..

is the blemish worse than the mole?
do you regret it?
did it hurt?
and how long did it take to make well to a reasonable looking point you can go out near?
does makeup hide the blotch?

please get bk 2 me as im havin a mole removed 2moro and im anxious!

Hey there! I have a mole removed about ten or more years ago. I do not regret have it removed. Mine was removed because they thought is be getting cancerous but it wasn't! I was amazingly self-conscience of the mole and hated it so I be glad to have it removed. It did not hurt at adjectives during the procedure cause I be numb. It hurt a little after the numbing wore past its sell-by date. It hurt like when you hold a small cut. I had a couple of stitches. I would articulate it took a couple of weeks, maybe three to really make well good. The mutilation was thoroughly small. You can't even see my scar immediately. The main things to remember are to hold on to sunscreen on the scar and also once it closes up and is remedial, start using vitamin E oil. Makeup can cover it up till it heal and fades. Hope this help!
My doctor used a Lazar. It was expeditious (less than 5 minutes) painless and you didn't notice it.

I be very pleased
it leaves a scab for a week or so, but long possession it is just a flesh colored put pen to paper. I dont regret having mine removed. I have one taken off my collar, and another off my chest. and you cant really see the scar.
oh noooo its FINE!
you cant even see the scar.
honestly? if you want it gone its totally not detrimental. i did it and you seriously cant even see where it be
i have a mole on my chin...enjoy all my natural gets lopped stale just something like every time i shave...darn did own one surgically removed on my scalp and the scar is not marked at wife have a mole removed from her back and yes you can see the defect but she is have to guess...does the benefit out weigh the cost? oh and the mole on my other grows back! lol
I have one removed from my hand. You cant even see any sign of a mark. There was a tiny impressively faint white red mark that was hardly noticeable for a while and after it just disappeared. It will probably only resemble a scratch for a few days and after will be easily covered next to makeup until it fades, wont transport long, dont worry. The unharmed experience is over with greatly quickly and is comparatively painless.
cant answer all your question i had a mole remove from Under my arm they freeze the mole slight niggle after not for long it did leave a small blotch talk to the doctor if you still consistency UN happy continue a little bit longer until you are sure worthy luck
Well, it would depend on the size and type of mole and the method used. If what you mean by "cutting" is that the doctor will do a shave remove of a small mole that sticks out from the skin (meaning they use a scalpel or a special dermatology blade to slice it off right at skin level), consequently the results are excellent. You will have a scab for more or less a week, it will be a little red for another week or so, next it will barely be evident. This is assuming the doctor is very experienced and alert and doesn't "scoop" the mole, which will leave an indentation.

If you stingy that the doctor has to do an excision of the mole (cut down lower than the top layer of skin to remove underlying tissue), afterwards they use tiny sutures to close the wound, then the results are a cracked line-type scar.

I hold had several moles removed (face and other areas) and I definitely DO NOT regret having any of them gone!

It doesn't hurt because it's numbed up first near a tiny amount of lidocaine using a very fine syringe. You'll feel a tiny pinch next to the needle, later nothing!
If you are have a mole removed it is because of a reason.
My Daughter have a mole removed from her face and NO
it did not hurt and NO it does not walk off a scar. It is covered beside your own skin and it disappears in time, so do not verbs, just trust the Doctors

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