im addicted to sugar ( mostly air heads) how do i return with un addicted!! im 12 years old

stop buying them.find a well again interest
smoke crack
replace your addiction with another... munch through carrot sticks instead
Your addiction is mental, not physical. Just keep yourself busy doing something else.
Stop using them, Sugar is not so addictive that you can't a short time ago put it down.
chew sugarless gum. don't buy airheads. Trident is a good choice
ok um, drink plenty of wet, eat something else.

dont give attention to about sugar.
take addicted to natural sugars similar to in fruits. apples and kiwis own alot of natural sugars.
communicate your mommy to stop buying you sugary crap!
try sugar free treats... they are just as virtuous :)
umm... just find something you similar to better that has smaller amount sugar or natural sugar
Really strange. I be addicted to those as well at your age. YOu will grow out of it.. But for the indicate time. If you are seriously wanting to quit. Just do so. You are rotting your teeth. I do not know what other incentive you need?
win a book called "The Sugar Addict's Total Recovery Program" and follow what it say.
maybe you could try to get through some fruit or something healthy and next have sugar. don't chomp through sugar all the time it is fruitless for you. idk what else to tell you.
HEY! Im 11 years mature and im just approaching you. I LOVE airheads! I have no conception how you get addicted though. But i know i TTLY am!

~ The Infamous Superstar Paco Pacopocel, Bffl of The Famous Superstar Faneesia VanderHoosin ~

P. s. If you return with an answer, let me know!
Self discipline. Think what it will be approaching when your 20 and your 300 pounds.
I understand, I couldn't minister to myself when it came to candy corn. Gross. i could chomp through a whole pouch. what stopped me was a call in to the dentist and the 11 cavities he found. ouch! after a few hours surrounded by the dentist's chair, i figure that no candy was worth loosing my teeth. try ingestion dried fruit, i know it isn't the same, but sweet and much better for your teeth. smile sweetie;)
if u convey on u will make ya self diabetic where on earth u have to inject ya self for times a light of day with insulin afterwards ya life will only just be reuined u cnt play out cos y ablood suger gets to low and after u get rushed into hospital and in that a chance ya die
chomp through something else instead - celery??

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