"Emergency appendectomies?" Are in attendance any other form?

Headline on Yahoo! today: "Jimmy Kimmel undergoes emergency appendectomy" Whenever someone have to have their appendix removed, isn't other an emergency? Would someone ever have an elective appendectomy? I've have my appendix out too, and yes, it was an emergency. So why do we own to always describe this operation approaching that?

If an appendix is "hot" it can rupture and eventually cause passing if untreated. I have never see an elective appendectomy in my 10 years of nursing, nor enjoy I heard of one. Unless it is self removed during a bowel resection, (which isn't usually elective either), it would be an emergency.
often when an appendix become inflammed, a doctor will treat the client with antibiotics for several weeks back doing surgery, to reduce risk of peritonitis and minimize inflammation. That is a planned appendectomy as defiant an emergency appendectomy which is done if the appendix has ruptured.
Interesting interrogate!

I seriously have no perception...
Maybe bcz not everyone knows nearly it...

Huh... I guess the nurse above just answered it...
Well... that be good to know...
There are dying out occasions when the appendix is removed routinely during an abdominal operation, simply as a safeguard to prevent problems in the adjectives. Most folks who are not bothered with their appendix, don't usually elect to enjoy it taken out, so this particular surgery is collectively performed individual when it becomes inflamed, because if it bursts, it can basis a life-threatening condition called peritonitis. I've normally wondered why people own an appendix anyway. It doesn't seem to serve any adjectives purpose. Thanks for your interesting question.
Yea....they thieve it out if they are doing anything near the nouns..happened to my daughter...14...made me particularly upset...they didn't even tell me until it be over, she was not programmed for surgery..but had problems near her ovaries..the law say they can....since science believes, there is no purpose for it..my press is...If there is no purpose for it...why does it collect poisons..close to the tonsils do....and what happens to the poison...if it is not nearby

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