Am i suffering from insomnia, i cant give the impression of being to grasp proper sleep ?

i have be having problems going to sleep for the second 3 weeks. i dont have any things to verbs abt since i passed my exams last week and my mind is completly verbs free. i seem to catch a couple of hrs then wake up up at like 3 or 4 am later after a few hrs i manage to grasp another couple of hrs. i do eat of late before i walk to bed, but thats mainly cereal, milk and fruit. and i hold been intake b4 bed for a couple of yrs and didn't have much problem getting to sleep. I'll be honest and say-so the only article i am thinking abt is this girl who i really think i am within love with. but i own been contained by love with her for similar to 7 months and didn't have probelms getting to sleep. HELP !

If you don't hold anything to worry in the region of but then bring up to date us there is this girl...Has something changed surrounded by your relationship?
It may be in your subconscious thoughts.
You could bring a prescription from a doctor that would help you stay asleep. plenty of associates use drugs short term to oblige.
Anxiety and worry hang on to me up many night.
Yet I can never blame it on one thing. I hope you find a good night rest!
try taking some melatonin. it will correct your circadian rythyms and help you to dribble asleep and get a accurate full night of sleep.

You can find within the vitamin section
+1 melatonin
Insomnia is repeatedly caused by suspicion, stress, anxiety, medications, herb, caffeine, depression or sometimes for no apparent judgment. Make sure your bedroom is quiet and gloomy. Soak a tablespoon of mint leaves in a cup of wet for an hour, drink every night. Check out for more info

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