Anyone else enjoy a really annoying cough?

I cant seem to shift it at adjectives, and its really irritating me, any good cures please??

I'm going out saturday - stay away from me!!
How bout lots of hot tea next to honey and lemon, or chicken soup, or a hot hot shower with a vicks shower soothers?
Hope you perceive better soon!
tcp lozengers
Assuming you don't smoke the dreaded fags, maybe you own got a chest infection and stipulation antibiotics?
Yap! yap! have honey! it will do u the world of nouns!! have two spoons of it it will comfort sooth it, it really does help n also own it in ur milk or herbal teas u enjoy etc just try it it will support! hope it gets better!
It is probably pollen. If it does certainly rain tomorrow the pollen count will move about down. Lozenges may help but I find that none of the 'cough medicines' work. Get someone nice to rub your chest for you.
If you haven't be ill, contained by smoke, or are taking any medication that causes a dry cough as a side effect you should hope reassurance from your GP because it can be the sign of a variety of complaint. My mum has one that be found to be linked to a hernia- although they have to rule out many things first including a unpromising heart. Although i don't think you should be alarmed you should see a doctor.

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