Acetone and rubbing alcohol skin digestion?

I am trying to find an online resource to site the dangers of this. A woman on cafemom have been told to use any of these to remove permanent pointer from her child's skin. Apparently the kid wrote ALL OVER herself. I cannot find anything to prove to her that it is dangerous to put this stuff on her toddler. One woamn in actual fact told her it is perfectly not detrimental.

The Material Safety Data Sheets for both say approximately indistinguishable thing almost skin contact: try to avoid it. However, the dangers appear to be limited to dry, irritated skin, and if the exposure is prolonged, dermatitis.

For acetone: "Skin Contact:
Irritating due to defatting management on skin. Causes redness, dull pain, drying and cracking of the skin."

For rubbing (isopropyl alcohol): "Health Hazards Acute And Chronic: IRRITATION TO SKIN, EYES, LUNGS, MUCOUS

Compare that with, vote, acrylic acid, a chemical I use regularly (in the lab and not at home): "Skin Contact:
Toxic! Corrosive! May end in irritation, inflammation, burns, and skin rashes. Absorption through the skin may create systemic poisoning, nausea, and vomiting. "

If you don't breathe in seriously of fumes, and you wash up beside soap & water afterwards, I seriously doubt here is much danger unless the character performing the cleaning is literally dousing the child with bottles of cleaning agent.
Rubbing alcohol should be fine (try to hold on to the fumes down though)... You don't need to get hold of the kid drenched just showery a rag beside it and rub it off.Acetone is a bit of a stretch to me though. I wouldn't put that stuff on my kid.

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