Anxiety q?

this sounds stupid but...I have this anxiety, b/c i feel sick one night when i be out with my friends and after i got sick surrounded by front of them and was embarassed. Now whenever I am near friends or know I am going to go suspend out with them I achieve a sick feeling . I know its adjectives in my manager...any suggestions on how to deal near this or get over it?


I suffered from anxiety and nouns attacks for over 20 years. If you need medication, later you need medication. Never be ashamed if your doctor feel that it will help you. As I would other advise anyone that suffers from anxiety or nouns attacks, medication should always be combined beside some counseling with a professional.

Anxiety can become a vicious cycle. If you hold gotten "sick" around your friends, then win around friends think to yourself, "Oh gosh, what if it happen again?" Then that causes MORE anxiety. You seize anxious about individual anxious. (Hope that I am making sense, here)

And may I please tell you something? You are NOT STUPID. Don't ever utter that about yourself. You're human. Anxiety is a TRUE problem and happens to material people. It without a doubt doesn't mean you are stupid. IN FACT, to freshly come on Q & A and admit that it's a problem for you, is brave as hell, contained by my opinion. You are asking for support. You ARE BRAVE.

There is a REAL condition called "social anxiety." So don't thump yourself up. The best thing you can do for yourself is hold a little speak with your doctor. There is assistance available. Practicing some deep breathing, study to relax and NOT being ashamed, can hold you a long way surrounded by beating this article. For good!

You enjoy taken the first step, have asked for relief. You are alot stronger than you think. Next time, back you are due to meet near a group of your friends, take a terrifically deep breath, as big as you can, later hold it for 5 seconds. Then exhale as slowly as you possibly can. Repeat this thoughtful breathing a couple of more times and you WILL feel more relaxed. You are providing your brain beside more oxygen.

Practice this kind of low breathing when you are by yourself and practice it often. It will become second disposition to you. After you are through practicing, sit back within a comfy chair and relish the relaxation you feel. You will come to similar to this feeling. Then when you are going to be within a group situation again, you will know what to do, beforehand.

The most important entity I can tell you, is that you are NOT alone. More culture suffer from this, than you could possibly imagine. And never, never be aware of ashamed.

You are strong. You can do this... I congratulate you on being brave satisfactory to ask this question. You stir girl!
Go to your doctor and tell him that you own social anxiety. I work in a tavern, and sometimes I feel an attack coming on for no out of the ordinary reason and it usually happen when we are really busy. I have pills that I can embezzle when I feel it coming on, and it level out within 15 min.
When you start consciousness sick think of something else. They enjoy probably been sick surrounded by front of someone or friends themselves.
Whatever you do, do not start taking drugs to cope with the anxiety. It might be a fix, but it is conditional and then after that down the road you will have 2 problems to operate with!
sounds close to social anxiety disorder make an appointment near a psychologist they can give you drug that can help you.

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