AHHHH HELP ME! IM ON THE POINT OF DYING! PLZ im contained by trouble?

Okay, so I'm 12. Recently I've been approaching not hungry anymore, i don't sleep anymore, i drink more often (water), i acquire HUge stomach cramps, I don't feel resembling copany, I just want to be alone, i similar to hate my enthusiasm, I am slacking down on my work, i am loosing friends and hide it from everyone! whats wrong next to me?

i feel like i know its sooo frustrating but try and talk to sum1 at your conservatory that could help if your mum doesnt listen to you i posted a grill like yours almost two hours ago you can see it if you want since it is related.
Sounds like your depressed, you have need of help asap! Talk to your mom again or some one else contained by your family, except talk to a trusted grown. You need to see some one hasty before you do something to hurt yourself.
You nouns depressed. Maybe it's because you're at the age when you're going through puberty. Ages 11-14 are some of the hardest in most people's lives. It's not much comfort, but it will overhaul over time. Til then, speak to a doctor who may know how to prescribe some light anti-depressants.
It sounds approaching depression. It can be really hard on your body and mind. If your mother won't transport you to a counselor, try talking to a institution counselor or teacher. If it is depression, you inevitability to talk to someone previously it gets wild. It is better to do something sooner rather than after that. Good Luck.
Call a crisis hotline, they are free and can give you some counseling. To catch a phone number you can search the Internet for Crisis hotline and the label of your county.
well it sounds resembling u have a problem. ably i no u dont fell like company but y don't u ask a friend if u can dance to thier house and tell their mom going on for it and see what she does. has anything within ur life made u discern depressed. that could be the problem
Depression. Talk to your school nurse or counselor or some other trusted developed if you feel you can't homily to your mother.
It sounds to me that you're becoming a teenager. A bunch of nation go through this and I'm sure you've hear a million times that your hormones are racing and you probably don't want to hear it but trust a fellow teen, they are and you'll hold to get used to it. Everyone feel like nearby is something wrong with them when they attain to be your age. The only means of access to get over it is to suppose your way out of it. Try consumption small healthy meal 6 times a day fairly than big meals 3 times. You're probably emotion hunger pains, not stomach cramps. Find something you love to do or feel comfort from doing, approaching going for a run or walk, riding your bike, or dance in your room. The excersise will relieve stress and comfort with your conservatory work. Remember that everyone has desperate days but your friends love you and don't want to hurt you or be hurt by you, so always treat them beside kindness and respect even when you consistency at your worst. Finally, don't hide your inner health. Find a way to capture them out. Whether it's writing in a blog, log, or diary, finding someone you can trust to talk to, discussion to a stuffed animal or doll or just getting your inner health out through excersise. Don't bottle up your emotions. You'll touch better soon, so just embrace the change going on and do your best to get through them somehow.
It's newly like Lynn said, is near anyone else in your own flesh and blood that you could talk to? There have to be something, some reason, that you're close to this. Whatever it is that's bothering has found a route to affect you not only mentally but physically too. You own to be careful, seriously you enjoy you're whole duration ahead of you. Don't seclude yourself that can just trademark it worse, you have to find someone you can rely on to verbalize about this ok? I hope everything turns out ok. (Let us know how everything turns out)
Sweetie, consequently step two is to go to a college counselor or call mental form. You have depression, my dear..and it's treatable. Time to stop response so yukky! Mom probably doen't realize how bad you have a feeling, because teens often suffer from a form of depression. But sometimes, wedo call for outside help. It's not a crime and NOTHING to be embarassed going on for. Call mental health, they will explain to mom, ok?

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