Are fully developed diapers one and the same as infant diapers?

My girlfiend's best friend and I got into a discussion involving diapers. I be saying that surrounded by design and purpose the adult diaper is like as an infant diaper, only to a larger go up. And she was disagreeing the adjectives time. So now I'm asking other ethnic group in writ to bring this discussion to an end.

For adults and babies alike at hand are diapers and pullups. They are all made for like peas in a pod purpose, to capture urine and feces to save them in control when the party has no control, such as a newborn and some adults like myself.

Now for the differences. Obviously the biggest difference is size and to some extent, shape. The other difference that really make a difference is that the adult sized diapers by comparison are not as gelatinous as a baby's diaper.

If you were to net an adult diaper by scale up a baby diaper to fit an developed then the leaky material would be roughly two inches thick but instead it is if truth be told thinner than what is in a tot diaper.

You are both right, to a point, but it is a fine point. If you take away the compactness of material after you would definitely be the conqueror.

If you know someone that has a little one, get a diaper from them or a store brand isn't that expensive, buy a pack. Go to a nursing home and see if they will administer you an adult diaper. Explain to them that you are have this discussion and need one for demonstration purposes, I'm sure they will grant you one, if not look for indication packs that hold one or two in it, they aren't physical expensive either.

Then put them side by side for comparison consequently tape them into a pant shape and compare them and see who wins. The loser have to wear the demo items for being wrong.

Good luck.
i dont know you should communicate me.
Its fairly much impossible to tell apart. Except that adult diapers are more approaching pull up pant. Materials and design will be about equal. Purpose is definitely indistinguishable :)
Yes they are the same. your right 100%. only just bigger as well due to the size of the grown compared to a child. Good on you.
No, they are not the same. Same principle, but developed diapers are like an lower than pant that you pull on of late like any underpants and they hold a pad within them. I have a 92 year feeble aunt and I can never find her home, she's always out fine art!
I think you both own a point. Why don't you just agree to disagree? ^_^
the are made from indistinguishable type of absorbant fibers, but are not small or cute.

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