Always getting sick...?

Every couple of weeks or so, I wind up sick. Every time one of those "bugs" go around, I always ensnare it. Last week, I came down near an upper respiratory infection. A few weeks before that, I have a severe cold that caused me to not know how to keep anything within my stomach. This has be happening for the concluding couple of years, ever since I stopped taking the Depoprovera birth control shot due to bad side effects. Now, I draw from sick more often than not, and it's so frustrating! I enjoy an appointment to see a doctor next week, but I'm wondering if someone here could grant suggestions or theories about why I'm constantly getting sick. (No, I am not pregnant, though I am epileptic and anemic)

The same entry happened to me. I focus that you need to start taking a multivitamin everyday and if you already do, afterwards ask your doctor about taking larger doses of Vita C which will boost your immune system.
drink red juice :P
you could enjoy aids or just a questionable immune system
Buy a book called the Vitamin Bible. It changed my existence.
what if it never went away it is purely still there surrounded by you body
Try orange liquid, cod liver oil tablets and seize some vitamins, they all relieve boost you immune system.
Just try taking some vitamins if you're not already. Get a One-A-Day. Make sure to get plenty of rest, no partying 24-7, you would be surprised at how fragile your immune system gets if you don't sleep plenty. Eat healthy and exercise. All of those should facilitate, try it, what do you have to lose?
Your anemic. You want to treat yourself properly for your condition. Eat, exercise, and take the proper vitamins. Your doctor will be capable of help you next to this. My one girlfriend is taking medicine for her epileptic seizure and gets tired and sometimes sick when they metamorphosis the medicine or dosage. She also get tired and weak glibly when stressed. You have a double whammy within diseases. Just talk to your doctor.
Your body doesn't approaching you
Orange juice
approaching your always unfolding me tooo lol
call ya then kk?
Your immune system needs a boost.

You have better start taking two grams of Vitamin C a day (one gram twice a day). This will boost your immune system and you will hold fewer colds, flu, etc and they will be smaller quantity severe.

What you might perhaps also want to do is to do some research on well eating. Perhaps your diet wishes to be improved.
For anemic, whip Iron pills. That helps build up the blood and cell; that will prevent you from getting sick as much.
But for the ULTIMATE CURE for your sickness, in regard to the bugs and infections and etc..., drink green tea. No, not the Snapple green tea, but Lipton green tea (in a 3.2 oz box, 100% natural). Believe me, not only will you get the impression better just close to that, the green tea will protect your body from damage cell that causes Cancer.
Please, buy it today. Boil yourself some wet (I know it's summer, but you won't regret it), sit in your favorite spot on the sofa, and soak up your first step towards health. [It will own a bitter taste to it, but the steps to i.e. not to leave the tea sack in the cup and you can attach either sugar or honey to it, but for a while bit to get the full potency].
Prayer help also. Always put Heaven Father first.

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