Allright.Drug knowing folks.I tried speed(amphetamine) ending week, 1stime,and adjectives i get out of it be a badtrip

Is it normal to become withdrawn, peaceable and tense when doing this drug?it wasnt meth, im discussion about speed, the pill form. My friends seem full of energy and conversation their guts out while i was sitting not chitchat much, i was thinking too much too nippy i guess. if this is a sideeffect this friggin drug sucks.
ps: Smoke everything in verbs!

nope it never happened to me. but most associates say that it does bring in them reaally jittery (hense the name speed) mabye someone slipped you something different
How almost not picking stupid, ignorant traditions.
Not everyone has one and the same reaction to these drugs. Amphetamines are amphetamines! In pills or powder or crystal. It's adjectives the same crap. Besides, this drug kill you. It will basically get your body seem to age right in the past your very eyes. Stick to smoking my friend. You'll still be putting fruitless stuff in your body, but it's fun and you'll keep hold of your sanity profoundly longer.
Stick with pot if your gonna do a drug. It comes from the mud.
Different people counter differently to drugs. That is why they are dangerous, within are unknown side effects that some people acquire and others don't.

You also run the risk of getting contaminated pills.

OTC energy boosters are usually purely caffeine & sugar, but some have other ingredients. Illegal drugs? Who know what is in them?

Best bet is to not be stupid and stay away from them.
Jenn S.:: Just because "pot comes from the earth" does not create it okay. everything technically comes from the earth- even chemicals- but that doesn't make them okay.
first timers other have a fruitless trip unless you are with someone who you can really trust... it would enjoy been better. sorry it wasnt something stellar for you.

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