Are near any blood bank surrounded by Michigan that discharge?

I'm not from Michigan, but I'd think you might find out that info from the American Red Cross, Lifesource to hand college campuses.

Blood bank usually frown on paying for blood donation, but because there's a shortage, there may be a modify.

Having said that, if you have a dying out blood type, they may be more likely to payment you for donating, but they operate on a shoestring budget. (Don't we all?). But, some things are only RIGHT.

Blood donation is a wonderful habit to capture into, and bless your soul for doing it.
i don't know of any blood banks that recompense but you can always get rid of plasma they draw blood out separate the plasm then put your blood put money on you can usually donate twice a week
I dont think so because you are not supposed to carry paid to donate blood, it is a service that we do to support others in want
Giving blood is meant to back others who are in desprite inevitability of it! You should just be jenerous to endow with blood and not ask money for it. Im sorry but if you are willing to relief someone, you shouldn't expect anything in return. And yes within probably are.

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