After Hunny Bees sting, they die. How going on for a pale jacket? Do they die also?

nope. they also do not leave their "stinger" surrounded by their victim, which is why the bee dies. a wasp merely injects poison and leaves with adjectives anatomy intact, ready for another "mission".
No, a pallid jacket does not die after stinging, and they can and will sting repeatedly if allowed. Mean little suckers...
nope they just run on stinging until you kill them. Mean little guys.
Actually, no. A pale jacket belongs in the wasp household and their stinger is firmly attached to their bodies. A honey bee can only sting once, but a pallid jacket or any other member of the wasp inherited can sting repeatledly.
What are you, Winnie The Pooh??

They're called honeybees.
hunny bees sting you really ahhhhhhhhh! be doomed hmmm yellow jacket ahhhhhhhhh!! it have bees in it
A bee's stinger and the attached toxin sac are only loosely connected to the rest of the bee. When they sting, the unbroken things rips off the bee's body, which kill the bee.

Wasps, including the common yellow-jacket, enjoy a stinger that is firmly attached, and a toxin sac that can be refilled, sothey can sting repeatedly and are lively to do so. My friend got stung 8 times by one yellow-jacket that flew into his mouth when we be about 7 years ripened... nasty little suckers indeed!
Ed, RN
U luv bees so much u name them "hunny"? lol

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