Are adjectives latinas crazy during their menstrual cycles?

I know for sure my sister and mom are.

Why don't you ask your mom and sister while they're on their cycle? And don't forget to mention the "crazy Latina" part---that will really help them take in.

Then come back on here and tolerate us know what they say...
It is not only just a latina problem-- it is a women problem.. I think most women be in motion at least a short time nuts during this time;)
they crazy all the time
haha powerfully i'm a latina, i currently have my time of year, had it for 8 years, and i'm proud to influence i'm not a nut job. women contained by general receive bad during their period and well latinas are no lately may show more with our spicy self-worth and attitudes.

i empathize beside you if you're the only man contained by the house...poor guy, find some sort of refuge...frenzy room...something.
I usually am, and I'm not latino lol.
ALL women are crazy during their menstrual cycle!
its not just a latina point its a woman thing

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