I have be diagnosed with anemia since roughly 9, i have be a vedgetarian since about 11/12, at first it wasnt sio doomed to failure becuase they gave me zilch. Since nine i havent had a blood trial and given nothing to aid. It is getting quite impossible, i can not do a lot my friends can and obviosly receive tired more easily, also im really faded, get sick more easier (always have a cold), take me longer to get over things, extremely poor concentration, mood swings, weekness, other sleepy, bags underneath my eyes, find it hard to breath sometimes, black phantasm for a couple of seconds, increased heart spank, dizziness and headaches, and a couple more. I hold done some research and have found these to be symptons of anemia. But is it getting fruitless enough to see a doctor roughly it. Its bugging me if i should. I probably should but i thought ide ask some other race. Its affecting my school go.

You say you are a lacto-vegetarian, have you done research and are are intake healthy foods or enjoy you just given up meat. Eggs are a vastly good source of iron if you will devour them. Get some help at a vigour food store and please check back near your doctor the symptoms you descibe could be a lot of different things.
Anemia is nought to mess with yourself. You call for to get to a doctor and be evaluated. You imagined will need some B12 injections since you are a lacto-vegetarian. As a vegetarian, you should be intake fish and tofu.and chicken if you permit that within your diet. You should also be evaluated for depression. Your symptoms sound resembling you are depressed, too. Get to a doctor now. If your research lead you to believe it was anemia, how in the order of checking out the 10 Warning Signs of Depression? I think that one is feasible.

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