Anxiety issues?

I am suffering with different types of anxiety. I am married near 3 children...they are 9, 7 and 1. Recently, I have started have really bad seperation anxiety. If my sons step and stay with their grandparents, even though my husband and daughter are home I downfall up staying up till about 4 am cleaning things that don't obligation to be cleaned. I fall asleep and get up back up around seven to find that I own been gritting my teeth so complicated for 3 hours it hurts just to touch my teeth together. I hold also had a problem next to social anxiety since my daughter was born. If my husband and I want to go out, I enjoy to return 3 times or so just to budge to the bathroom, just because of nerves. I am extremely frustrated and short temper with my family circle. I have no robustness insurance. The doctor here will pretty much give you what you ask for. I own a one year old so I can't appropriate anything like Xanex that will knock you out. I call for something light and cheap.any suggestions?

you are almost at the point I be at. xanax will not knock you out. It only knock people out that don't call for it. I took it for 5 years before I found a doctor that put me on clonipin. 1 at bedtime. immediately no longer take xanax unless really unpromising. From my eperience. I have to inform you it is so wonderful to live a normal time again. Go back to the dr. Tell your husband that you call for to take med that might brand name you sleepy so he can watch the kids for a bit. But I infer you will find that you didn't need him at adjectives. Rember that it takes an hour for the xanax to see in and that it one and only last 4 hours. I couldn't even saunter my llittle girl to school couldn't even budge inside the building . Couldn't go into walmart. I can't update you how wonderful it is to be normal again. Please please try it you will be aware of so much better. .5mg and you will not be down. you will be able to run and chase that little one. you will feel better really you will and be jubilant that you can go places and do things.

Why don't you try valerian tea, next to some walking and jogging?

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