Any cure for stammering?please help!!?

i have a relative who stammers,he is quite depressed of it.the students and other people he comes across sometimes mock him..:(

I'm sorry people can be so rude and immature.

Yes, there are things your relative can do to improve the stammering.

The best thing is practice. Start out small, and work up to bigger and more challenging situations.

- Read out loud. Grab a book and start reading out loud to yourself every night before bed (or whenever you have a little quiet time alone). A half hour every day will be good practice. Don't just read the same kind of things though, read novels, modern and classic, read the paper, read magazines, everything out loud! ((even if it doesn't help, you'll be well-read!)))

- Sing. Even if it's just singing along to the radio while driving to work, or singing your favorite song in the shower.

- Volunteer to read to the elderly. You can probably find a senior center and explain that you want to improve your stammering, and ask if they have a small group you can read to twice a week or something. Explain your situation to them, and they'll be able to listen to you and support you.

- Sign up for a public speaking class at a local high school or junior college. This will give you practice in front of a large group of strangers.

Just keep practicing and when people say something, try to ignore their comments. Maybe think of 2 or 3 come-backs you can say when people say something to you. Like, "yeah, so what if I stammer a little when I talk, at least I'm not ______" and then fill in the blank. It may be a little immature, but sometimes you just have to say something back. :)

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