"Sicko"- Your thoughts?

Just saw the movie last darkness. The most disturbing part be the lady who be the Medical Director for that insurance company saying that she cause the death of so plentiful people by denying claims base on technicalities etc...Shame...
No, i dont think Michael Moore showed the WHOLE truth something like it all (like the soaring income tax rate of Canadians to income for socilaized healthcare) but my goodness- we dump people who cannot take-home pay hospital bills off on the street within front of homeless shelters on skid row?!?!?! ..And how is that $50 million for the volunteers that worked at ground zero one allocated? The people within the movie didnt see a dime of it and they were clearly within need...And WTF? Prisoners of war- like peas in a pod people who want adjectives Americans dead (AND tried to destroy a significant amount of us on 9/11)- are getting "top notch" medical treatment at Guatanamo Bay? Thats just messed up! Your thoughts? Do you expect we could ever have a National Health Care system?

Haven't see the movie, don't intend to.but, national healthcare isn't going to happen as long as the insurance companies own such powerful lobbyists in our Capital.
Our "representatives" do not represent the general public you know, they represent themselves, and as long as the insurance companies are feeding them money, we will never enjoy national healthcare. Every other nation on the planet has it, but not us, we are too heavily into the capitalist system.
i love micheal more .. ancestors will just trun it around and receive him look like the unpromising guy ... over the movie was great i love adjectives his movie <3
i really wanna see the movie and you just made me want to see it even moore!! hehe
Yes we do drop homeless who can't pay cheque off contained by front of shelters on skid row in bigger citites. Also on a personal minute many HMO's are not competative or don't step up to the plate to submit bids to companies so you weave up changing insurances and getting caught surrounded by a whole different system and hold to find all contemporary docs and specialists and many are not polite. Such is the case near hubby who got diagnosed beside sleep apnea and uses the machine but have some normal problems beside falling asleep sometimes and asked the regular doc for something and the regular doc wouldn't help him and told him the doc that deal with the sleep apnea is the one he should see. Pure BS of late because he didn't want to deal near a simple insomnia problem.
I refuse to see it, I know that resembling his other movies, they are not the complete truth, look at fahrenhype 911, sever people from fahrenhight 911, come back and said, he edited my interview, he solely gave hafl of what I be trying to say to support his planning and sociailst propaganda.
Anybody can make a 2 hour movie around the bad side of anything. I could near enough time and money trademark a documentary about how the evil Bunny rabbit is trying to give somebody a lift over the world. Michael Moore makes tons of money showing you the discouraging side of things and making America look like the doomed to failure guy. Does our healthcare system have problems? Yes. But not an iota more than every other country and less than lots. Why do the most significant medical discoveries not come from Canada or Britain. Socialized medicine.

Its the mature brainwashing technique of problem/reaction/solution. They show you a half-truth presenting you with a problem which incites a zealous reaction and consequently they offer you a solution and build it appear it was your impression. There are problems with American healthcare which in attendance is no evidence of in these other countries (which is a lie) the answer is Socialized tablets and you as a "good" person should emergency it. Michael Moore is the Propaganda Minister for the Neo-Marxist Political left. And this is their message: Self-determination, freedom are unpromising you must let the rule control your lives because you are not capable of doing so.
Michael Moore's movies can't be taken as the unbroken truth. He is trying to make nation angry and incite change. Seems to be working (the angry subdivision, anyway). I'm going to get rather political here: We will never have National Health Care beside Republicans in the White House. They in reality want to go the other method. Look at Canada. They have the National Health Care, and they tend to own a "liberal" government.
My husband and I of late watched it and we're both furious at our management. I love how everyone says it take so long to get treatment where on earth they have socialized drug while people surrounded by America can "get right in". I own excellent insurance and went to the Dr. for my dizzy spells. I get an appointment 3 for 3 weeks later near a neurologist so that they can make an appointment for an MRI "a few weeks after that." Meanwhile a reputed radio personality said he get a MRI within 2 hours from his doctor. Um, yeah, that's because you are familiar. If you are not rich and famous surrounded by this country, you are screwed when it comes to health safekeeping.

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