Anyone on this site ever be hospitalized for marijuana usage or gain an addiction to it? Ifso convey abt it?

Marijuana put my roommate in the hospital, he drove while he be high, cause him to trip the f**k out, and he crashed... it was adjectives over the news, he's not alike man anymore. But yet the pot is still within. It's dumb!! He's definately addicted. Then when I said he had to choose... me or the pot, he definately chose the pot... :[
There is no instrument you can be addicted to pot or be hospitalized. Its about the solitary drug that wont hurt you.
if anyone goes to the hospital for Marijuana, its a madness attack by a newbie. Rookies are funny.
The reason that so masses people close to this choice of drug is becuase it is not addictive... It will not cause hospitaliztion on its own...
Seek out a government-produced movie call "Reefer Madness". In the movie, our government shows what one toke does. Folks told me it be a propaganda movie. I was stunned at first, but I couldn't assist myself from crying with delight.
Well, There is definitly no risk of being addicted to marijuana. I own to say that I hold an urge to light up when im idea blue, which borders on dependency, but there are undeniably plenty of things to do otherwise. I went through quitting cigerettes and weed would never do anything comparable to that.

More to the point, we must remember the possibility of associates pulling a whitey. Ive had tons, its rough. You feel approaching youve just skulled a litre of vodka, you dont want to move anywhere, and the world spins contained by a very impossible way.

After a *hefty* keef session my buddy jon and I go for a walk down to the shell station, and he greened out pretty hardcore. He seized up and couldnt breathe, so I took him to the hospital.

That is the closest you can win to harm that weed does to you. mind you the finishing J we rolled was a mix of scag, purple, thai stick and keef (bottom rucksack buffet haha). My belief is that it happens after treating your body near disrespect prior to lighting up. All the times i greened i was other feeling a bit **** beforehand.

Hope this help

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