A year ago I pierced my belly bottom, and I hold this lump and hurt..?

I went to the doctor three moths ago, she said be not infected, that maybe I should removed it, but I don't want to. I am using ocean salt, it help but is not enough. Please sustain!

It is most likely a lump of mutilation tissue that has become encased inside your skin at the site of the ring, or it could be that and could be encase something that got inside contained by it. I would go to a doc and hold them check it out by doing a small biopsy or have it removed and check to receive sure nothing is within it.
Go talk to a piercer
i would travel back and ask the one that did this and see what he/she say about helping you near this before it get worse
My suggestion would be to pierce your tongue. It may not help next to your "belly bottom" but you will be distracted by the fact that your teeth will start chipping and you will be gone with a giant hole right between your middle teeth. Actions without thought are the most treacherous kinds. Pierce away sheep.
you necessitate to go stern to the piercing shop and verify that the pericing needle be new and sterile because it sounds resembling you have a staff infection.you docor wants to lance it and examination it.because sometime you really cant see the infection until the doctor opens it up and see it...
Something like that happen to me several months after getting my ears pierced. I had gotten a sore lump on my vanished ear but i figured it be nothing. I couldn't appropriate out my earrings at that point so I let it walk. It ended up covering the entire put a bet on of my earring. I had to grasp it drained (so gross!) If it gets worse, I would budge to the Doctor again. I'm pretty sure what I had be an abscess. I hope that helps!

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