"Your body will start drumming into your muscles for energy" ?

Can someone explain me this sentence please..?


I'm guessing that it means that the body is not man properly nourished through diet so it's going to start breaking down muscles to achieve the nourishment it requirements. Common with aneroxia.
Im sorry im still not sure what your trying to ask.Good luck finding some answers..
Is this discussion about anorexia?

It medium that after all your heavy and nutrients are gone, your body will start "eating" the muscles for energy instead. You'll loose muscle mass.
It's newly a word.

At some point even your muscles can be used by your body as a source of calories if they are needed for your survival.
After the body burns up your Fat, it then tap into your Muscle mass for energy.
I believe what you are refering to is when you are trying to
lose consignment.
Your body needs lubricant to stay alive.Your body uses the nutrients
in excess weight to stay healthy. When you diet you try to cut your heavy intake to a minimum, but if you cut out all large from your diet
your body will go into defense mode and start using the muscle for get-up-and-go. "Tapping" just mechanism using or getting into this instance.
What this means is that if you do not consume ample good calories, some strong fat and some protein and starch, your body will enjoy to take zest from your tissues already intact. The best source of energy comes from your muscles...they burn more force than fat and are a worthy source for your body to turn to in a "starvation" situation. So, you will lose muscle unless you drink healthy foods that will nurture your bodies daily functions. Fat is burned as your body is in proportion w/good protein intake, etc. In a fasting situation, your body will use the utmost, best source of energy(your muscles) to keep it running. That is why it is so central to eat perched meals and 2 snacks a afternoon to keep your body burning solid, not muscle.
If you're starving, your body will start consuming its own muscles as a source of sparkle.
tapping into--using, unsophisticatedly. It refers to a state where the obese reserves have be depleted and the reverts to what is called catabolism-using muscle instead of plump as energy. It is NOT a upright thing. It vehicle you are not eating adequate.... also when you have an injury catabolism extracts Glutamine from the muscles.... the most lavish enzyme.
Its actually pretty simple. Your body is geared to store corpulent and fed muscle. However if something happen that your diet becomes impressively poor your body will use up all of your podgy reserves and then start consuming energy from muscle.
I am not a doctor or a personal trainer but deeply what happens is this... For individuals that do not have 'fat reserves' or excess fatty deposits on their body. IF you do not munch through or do not eat properly, your body will in truth turn to your muscles for the energy required to 'run' your body.

When a personality fasts, or does not devour for prolonged periods of time, the body turns to other resources for the verve necessary for your most prime functions; breathing, thinking, heart pumping, moving/walking, etc... The two available resources, in command, would be fatty deposits and then your muscles. So this deeply means your body if truth be told breaks down the muscles fibers in your body and turns it into heartiness.

Long story short-- 'tapping' in this instance would of late mean USING.

Hope this help.
Think of a tap...what does it do? it "extracts" wet, so to say. So rhythm, as a verb, means extracting.

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