Anyone guzzle dirt when they be childlike?

I hear some say that its apposite for you and some say its unpromising.

Well dirt is not sterile. There is bacteria within the stomach and if combined with INFECTED dirt it can effect an illness. However, dirt itself is nil but waste and will failure up as waste. No nutritional appeal.
Dirt is pretty much worm poop, HOWEVER that does not mean its doomed to failure for you. I mean evidently you shouldn't replace food with dirt but they read aloud kids that play in the dirt are smaller amount likely to bring sick threw out the course of their lives. When you played in the dirt when you be little it got beneath your fingernails and when you were little likelihood are pretty good you chewed your nail. The bacteria that be in the dirt may own gotten you sick but you would have built up immunity to everything that was surrounded by there. Eating dirt have its pros and cons. I wouldn't feed it to your kid for dinner though.
I would hold to say it is not honest for you, when my daughter was little she used to bite her toenails (gross I know) and she would get hold of pin worms.

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