Answer this if you feel its fun to throw eggs at nation?

i was walking surrounded by the countryside today and someone threw an egg at me from a speeding car. i am allergic to eggs and so i in a minute have a dignified fever and a huge blemish on my neck. I'm also clinically depressed. can someone who think throwing eggs at people is funny offer me a reason not to murder myself?

Is one egg all it take to throw you over the edge? Kinda touchy aren't you? You are probably fragile everyday, I don't presume it's fair to throw it adjectives away over an egg, do you? get some counselling without delay!!
yeah I'll be passing that method again in a week or so and I inevitability another good target.
I abominate people who throw eggs,it cause a lot of break,they do think it's funny when really it's not.sorry!! to hear in the region of that..but what goes around comes around
I'll grant you a reason. I'll throw and egg at you! An egg is not a grounds to meet your Creator!
Im sorry that you are allergic, i.e. no fun at all.
Im guessing the aim why the person threw the egg at you be because they were allergic as economically. They had no other choice than to throw the egg. They be given an egg at a stoplight by an enemy, and contained by a frantic escape from the egg it landed on you.

So near is a reason... it be a simple mistake and an egg allergy hate crime.

Good luck!

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