After an enema, how long until the products appear?

Unfortunately for me I have a disease that requires frequent checkups "there". I own to take an enema until that time I go, and next to the Fleet ones its like ten second. I've never heard anything different until I read the rest of the answers.. I don`t know they are thinking of laxatives..
Between a minute and an constipated are you?
usually pretty fast i'd read out within 30-60 minutes
I'd suggest have a seat right after.
Everyones body is different. You or the being receiving the enema should try to hold/retain as much of the fluid as they can but most times a return will be see with 15 mins. Usually smaller amount
just dont step out for a walk! lol
should be truthfully immediate
Sometimes right away. But it does depends on how constipated you are. please over-elaborate..
I bet you are in the bathroom right in a minute.
within a minute
It's usually sort of quickly but after my Dad have an operation, he had to own 2 to get him going and they would solitary do one a day. He be filling up bless him. After the second one he feel much better.
more or less straight away

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