After blowing your proboscis?

Why is that when you blow your nose most ancestors look at what is inside the tissue/hankie?

Just to see the colour and texture. To see if you are healthy or not.

if it is runny your sick, if it is not easy and really hard to seize out and you have to pick at it basically to loosen it then you are wholesome
its just interesting to see the colour of the stuff that comes out! hahaha
I enjoy no idea what could possibly clear a person want to look at what they blew out of their trunk! Ick.
To find out what came out of here?
I do it just because. I tend to also show the personage sitting nearest to me... :D

On a more serious note, the color of your snot can determine what's going on near you. For example, if it's all green, you may enjoy bronchitis.
I actually once saw Paul McCartney blow his proboscis and look in the tissue last year!

True story :)
lol funny cross-examine.

Me personally I looked to kind sure my nose isn't bleeding. I enjoy a lot of sinus niggle during the summer and winter which causes my sinuses to become inflamed and at times hugely dry. So they tend to bleed.

Also though I remember as a child my mom would alway say, "What color is it?" lol Gross hu? She'd want me to update her what color the "stuff" inside the tissue was. If it be clear my stuffy nose be just allergies. If not it could be an infection or so she said.

So to be exact why I look inside the tissue. I think possibly that is why others do it too. Plus you want to see what surrounded by the world was up in attendance making your nose stuffy! Ever blow your trunk and think "Wow! That sure feel better!!" lol

We all do it. lol I am sure most family look at the toilet paper after they wipe too! lol

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