Anemia and Ice consumption?

im anemic. Have an iron count of only 2.. and hold thelasemia trait .. i eat lots of meat but cant appear to fix the issue and im over the iron injections. ive had oodles tests done and theres nil wrong with my cycle or repodutive system.
i lately think that the thelasemia trait is the entity causing the issue.
I crave rime.. eat it at the pub.. the guys at work contemplate im a nut when i order a chalice of ice just..

I hear its related to anemia.. dunno why. but i love crunching ice.
i dont wanna stop..

i guess my query is
a. whats the deal next to craving ice
b. is it bleak? coz i dont wanna stop i love doing it.

Eating ice is indeed typically see in creature with anemia. There is zilch wrong with it. Its what you call for as "pica" or eating compulsively of non nutrititive foods or materials for that issue. Some persons' pica could be so bizaare such as eating of soil or mud. Be indebted its ice for you... Its usually see in people with iron lesser amount anemia. Upto now tablets is still baffled as to the exact explanation of such occurence in people with pica or any underlying related abnormality such as anemia. What you obligation to do is do regular follow-ups with your attending physician. He will address and monitor you Thalassemia/Anemia and answer adjectives your questions related beside your medical condition.
I eat lots of rime straight just crunch up the chips resembling they were a sharp snack and I do not believe I am anemic. I am however a vegetarian so at hand is a possibility, but I am healthy as a horse, lots of enthusiasm and never sick, so I don't think near is a correlation.
You might just close to it like I do. I own never had a cavity contained by my teeth, so it does not bother me at all, but I do receive some odd looks from ethnic group. I guess cold things bother some people not me, I devour ice and rime cream daily.

But I do live surrounded by AZ.

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