Am I going to be ok?!?!?

I hate going to doctors. Here are my symptoms:

sore throat
swollen lymph nodes
come first aches (back of head)
abdominal agony
heart burn

I don't have these symptoms adjectives at the same time, but a few a daylight for the past 3 weeks. First i thought it be my allegeries acting up, but then i started getting really discouraging abdominal pain and heart burn for some defence. Has anybody ever had adjectives these symptoms happen to them within a three weeks span?
I want to know all possible reason for having adjectives of these. Thanks in finance.

my personal opinion: you dont own a fever, and you dont hold any symptoms that require antibiotics.

I would rest, and drink lots of fluids. Take vitamin C for your throat. As long as your sore throat doesnt persist or win worse, you should be fine.

if your sore throat doesnt get better after a few days, or you receive a fever, afterwards you need to see a DR.

the singular thing that seem unusual is the headaches and dizzyness, but are these cause by you lack of drinking or getting enough fluids? or may be cause by cough medicine?
I enjoy same thing as you except the abdominal spasm. Doctors have not figure it out yet. Please permit me know what the find out an demail it to me at thanks and i hope u have a feeling welll..
Sounds strange but acid reflux can result in most of your problems. I suffered for a long time with this beforehand going to the doctor. Finally had some test done and was diagnosed beside ulcers and irritated esophagus. I am immediately on meds and feel so much better. Go see your doctor, ( I know I dislike going too ) but now I am glad I did. Good luck...
This could be something serious, nobody like going to the doctor, but to get the proper diagnosis, you hold to go to your doctor.
At the risk of sounding rude, not a soul likes to dance to the doctor but your making yourself worse by worrying. Go to the dang doctor! Swollen lymph nodes alone means your body is trying to confrontation off something, distribute your body a little aid.

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