Any one hear a condition that music cause a sort of glorious or colors to creep run your figment of the imagination or even bleeding

I was surrounded by the car beside some of my friends, and this is the most powerful experience I've had next to music. For some odd apology a song put me into a trance like state where on earth i started to convulse, see odd colors surrounded by my vision and my snout started to bleed, but it wasn't painful but more close to an amazing high that took me to another world within such bliss I didn't want the music to stop! Some one please tell me what this is, although I do love the experience, it is loving of scary, and I conspicuously would not want this to happen if i be driving or working! please help!

You may be experiencing an epileptic spasm. I would see a doctor about this straight away. To see if symptoms of seizure clash up with your experience, read "signs & symptoms" here:

Also, here is neurophysiology blog I found where they are chitchat about exactly what you describe, it seem that many of them are confirmed epilepsy sufferers:

OH YA, and nearly the bloody nose, contained by a seizure, you may be pressurizing your herald by inadvertantly exhaling against a closed throat, or you may have only just bumped it while you were out.
Stop taking acerbic. If you are not taking acid, enjoy yourself checked for brain tumour.

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