Any1 one else gain queezy from smoking pot?

recently the finishing 2 times i smoked ive been getting especially queezy

i havnt changed the weed or my pipe

any1 know y this is happening?

if you dont quality good from it, consequently it might not be for you. but if you want to smoke, make sure the nouns is well ventilate so that there is proper oxygen availiable. are you consumption right? have you be drinking enough sea? smoking consumes your body fluids so make sure you are drinking satisfactory water. and conceivably take smaller tokes. kinda unexpected though, because most of the people that i know who own cancer smoke pot to calm their stomach and contentment their nausea and stomach tightness from chemotherapy.

and if you are using a metal pipe, STOP! burning metal creates toxic fumes! get some heady cup! its fun and artistic.
Stop smoking weed problem solved
maybe it's where on earth you're keeping the pot... we hid some contained by an altoids tin in some insulation and get WAY higher rotten it the second time.

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