Am I too skinny for my age?

I almost 16, 4"10, and 92 pounds last I checked. Am I too skinny for my point and age?

Don't worry something like it too much, as long as you are getting proper nutrition, you should be fine.

I had a big metabolism when I was that age and I be about one and the same weight, but am 5'3"! I finally reach 100 pounds by the time I was 19.

Once again, purely make sure you are getting proper nutrition - fiber, grain, fruits, vegetables, vitamins & minerals.

You might want to consider going to your family doctor beside this concern just to generate sure everything is okay though. Just to make sure your body is absorbing foods properly, etc.
if you are 4'10'', later no.
your perfect.
conceivably so but you might want to get some counterweight there
knowing your bmi is a perfect place to start with answering your examine. many website, including the connection that i listed, allow you to subtract this. according to this one, you are in the 45th percentile (50 mechanism average weight). so based on bmi, it looks close to you are fine. however, you should also pay attention to how you consistency. if you find that you don't have thoroughly much energy or aren't strong ample to do the things that you want to do, then you may want to consider a combination of strength training and slowly increase your caloric intake to meeting your exercise level.

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