I am having my 4th foremost surgery on July 17th and I am really anxious about the anesthesia, you see, the ending two times I had be put under for the surgery I awoke contained by a complete panic, I even have to be sedated once. I just freak out, I know surrounded by my head that i am awake, and ok, and that I lately had surgery but for some pretext I panic, resembling full blown anxiety attacks. Is there anything that they or I can do to gross it easier for me to come out of the anesthesia??

your reaction is unbelievably normal. parley to your anesthesiologist, nurse, and surgeon. ask for reassurance and be sure that they have a plan for your adverse spontaneous effect.
Don't fight it, a moment ago sleep it off, that other works for me,
Depending on what you're having done, you might want to consider a spinal or epidural. You can grasp sedation so that you rest comfortably during the procedure, and you might not have duplicate reaction.

Some folks just get up up wild. Some cry. Some chortle. Some swear. Some fight.

Let your anesthesiologist know. It *might* be a paradoxical response to one of the sedatives, or it might purely be the way you stir up.

Good luck wiht your surgery!

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