How do I prepare for an MRI?

I'm getting an MRI of my thoracic spine tomorrow. Two questions- do I have to do anything to prepare excluding taking any metal out of my body? Also, is this going to involve any IV dye or anything like that or its only just a matter of hop on the table, sit still, and hang about? Thanks.

There really is no prep other than removing metal, close to you mentioned. If the doctor ordered the MRI done with and short contrast, then in attendance will be an IV involved. I have have multiple MRI's done. There are not that bad. Just hold your eyes closed and pretend you are somewhere else. ::)) Also, the IV part is not so unpromising either. Just be paid sure you drink plenty of fluids for the rest of the day after, to oblige flush it out of your system. Good luck to you.
you dont have to do anything to prepare

i hope you dont enjoy metal in your body, but if you do it would be a perfect idea to remove it

wear clothes that contain no metal, i.e. no zippers or buttons or snaps

it shouldnt involve any iv dye or anything close to that but there are special cases surrounded by which it might, i dont know your circumstances

so basically be prepared to hop on the table (or to some extent, in the tube), lay still, and loaf
When i went surrounded by for my MRI all i have to do was sit on a table article, and just dally. They even gave me receiver so i could listen to music becuase the machine is pretty loud.
Its nil to worry roughly speaking. All you gotta do is lay very still and consequently you'll be done before you know it.
worthy luck.

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