My doggie have a calus. HELP! :(?

I have a three legged dog. One missing contained by the front.
Her one front leg has developed a hurtful calus, half dollar size - surrounded by the elbow area of her arm. Is the a treatment for this? We've tried human lotion, and it seem to hurt her. If you know anything we can do, we'd really appreciate it. thanks.

Try Bag balm it comes contained by a Square tin canister(it used to be green with a cow on it if i remember right) it be initially made for Animals, but then People started using it as ably, My grandma used it for all her ailments - she have throat cancer and had to own a hole in her throat to chat through a electric trachea and when it would get red and irritated she other grabbed the sack balm
if you can't find it ( i think most walmarts vend it)
try Vaseline or neosperion
and if she licks it when near isnt no creams/ lotions on it, it's okay a dog can heal sores faster after any medicine but i know its frozen to just consent to them heal on thier own i've have a lot of animals within my day and every one that ever get hurt i would spend all my free time doctoring them up as much as i could
lots of dogs catch these. i suggest you take her to the vet. it's probably nil to be concerned about but he may own an idea. try posting this contained by the dog section. you'll take better responses.

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