Alcohol vs weed?

im not a drug person or alcoholic i actualy dont do any of them well i be reading something aout a kid who was cadence by a drunkstepdad and for the first time i wondered why is it that weed is illegal but alcohol isnt especially since alcohol is purely as damaging possibly more and a great deal more dangerous everyone hear everday almost kids being smash by drunk parents and drunk driving but yet they dont create alcohol illegal in good health anyways i guess to make this a press i want to know everyones opinion on this

It's true, alcohol is worse than weed when consumed within large quantity, but weed is also dangerous when consumed within large quantity. Did you know that in Holland- I suggest you call it Netherlands, but here we call upon it Holland - the government is considering turning weed unlawful again due to excessive use, not only that but because it is allowed there, growers enjoy been making research to fashion weed more powerfull, and therefore more dangerous to health. I don't suppose either one should be forbidden, but measures should be taken to prevent excessive use. Maybe making individual drunk a crime?
Because the alcohol and tobacco lobbying forces have lots of money and they DON'T want weed to be officially recognized - they'd go out of business.

powerfully.. they tried to illegalize alcohol back within the 1920s.. prohibition.. then those started making their own and a huge illegal operation be opened for the mob..
Because alcohol is just harmful within bad proportions. Smoking weed is bleak not matter how much you use?
alcohol can clear you crazy and drugs will kill you and catch you arrested
Prohibition of alcohol didn't work.

It actually made gangster really rich.

So, we just quit trying to stop it and tax the hell out of it.

Same will happen for weed eventually.
i am straight crest
so i dont do either ever
but i do consider that if they make it unfair that people will of late do it behind the government back resembling they do with weed, so i devise they should def. rasie the drinking age that might solve some problems
I think alcohol is extremely dangerous. I know plentifully of people that hold died from alcohol, but not one that has died from weed..

Maybe it should become unjust.. But it will never happen..
Because approaching Weed, people will still drink alcohol. I hear that during prohibiton is when people started smoking weed even more. But in attendance are also a lot of cases of ancestors driving while under the influence of weed and other things, not only just alcohol.
I aggree, Weed sounds a lot smaller quantity dangerous, but weed is unendorsed because if anyone takes too much, they can die quicker, but alcohol, anyone can from too ( alcohol poisoning ), alcohol should be crooked because of all the danger with children, but in a minute its probably too late to convey alcohol illegal because several many folks wold complain
I hate alcohol.If I get asked to buy any alcohol,I would throw it and say "Drink It yourself!I am not screw up my life!"Would you?If I caught any of my friends smoking or drinking marijuana or alcohol,I would articulate,"Screw this."And I would throw the bottle.
i believe that alcohol blocks all logical thinking. otherwise for decades people try to stop others from drinking. miserably it is legal. any article that can cause one to not chew over clearly should be illegal. estimate of this why are people prescribed backache medications. society become addicted to that also and kill others or their self. it adjectives comes down to you and what decision you be paid. right or wrong?
you wanna know why weed illegal? contained by the early 1900s the goverment made it unofficial because there be alot of mexican immigrants and they thought if it be illegalized the mexicans would go stern to mexico. thats the truth im not joking. so ever after that it become some horrible drug that no one be aloud to use. even though when compared with cigarettes and alcohol, this drug isnt bleak at all. how various crimes have be comitted due to the influence of alcohol? ALOT like beating, fights, murders and deadly accidents. presently how many be due to weed? not very heaps, its virtually harmless compared to alcohol
drinking have killed and maned more ancestors than all the war and troubles of man kind..those that are partakers are adjectives and when men drink there eyes will behold strange woman . and their attitude will be naughty and evil... men get drunk and whitewash there kids and wives and some even are organize to kill.. evil is evil and angelic is good...drinking have caused so much tears and so much sorrow and hurt it frozen to understand why they don,t quit selling the evil spirits that engineer men do shameful things.. guess all that profits is the whiskey maker and the undertakers and the hospital and insurance company's that sell the drunks large risk insurance ...the drunkard shall not inter the kindom of God...lest his deeds be reproved and he repent and stop his evil ways..
its easy in fact. Your average person does not own the capacity or ability to brew/ferment, etc alcohol in their home. This creates a emergency for a complicated product that we would rather hold someone else deal beside the manufacturing/processing and we buy the end product. Because of the incredible damand, we enjoy numerous government agencies, lobbyists and let face it, rehab programs that soley depend on the alcohol industry's high and lows. This creates controversy and the best way to feel controversy isnt to banish it, its to TAX IT! so, that anyone said, marijuana is a plant...can you grow a plant? yeah, pretty much anyone can. So now you know why it is improper - because we can grow it TAX FREE and anyone with 3 brain cell and a gallon of water can provide a crop for themselves or their neighbors. The political affairs would make money if they legalized marijuana - but the loss of "legal" alcohol would'nt compensate because 1/2 of the marijuana users would grow their own crop. judge its just coincidence that marijuana is unauthorized? its because the government cant control it (make money on it).
To really take the question of weed you requirement to watch the movie "Reefer Madness", preferably near about an ounce of pot and some friends over. Then you will realize, or maybe you wont. But you will own fun.

Some of your other answer'ers have polite points. Most of it comes down to money, how much and where is it going. Alcohol consumption go as far back as biblical times. I am not dictum that the shamans didn't have a short time pot or didn't get big but drugs are hard to refine and save. Beer and ales, you make it and store it within large quantity. Basically, drinking became the norm/cultural point to do. Drugs didn't.
Driving whilst under the influence of drugs is far more precarious than driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Drugs tend to completely distort your perception of time, distance and speed (far more than alcohol). A drug artificial person driving at 100 km per hour might presume that he is only doing 20 km per hour.

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